Central East Inter-Professional Primary Care Teams 

What is an Inter-professional Primary Care Team?

Inter-professional Primary Care Teams bring together health care professionals to help meet the individual needs of patients. These teams can include doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dietitians, mental health workers, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, and other professionals.

About the Inter-professional Primary Care Team

The Inter-Professional Primary Care Team (IPC) is a Central East LHIN initiative that focuses on improving and enhancing the patient’s health care experience by offering easy access to other relevant health care professionals. An anchor agency, works in collaboration with numerous partner agencies and referring practitioners (Physicians and Nurse Practitioners) to support timely access for their patients to a variety of inter-professional primary care services. Patients retain their current family doctor/primary care provider while accessing the added support of the Inter-professional Primary Care Team.

What Patients Can Expect

  • Any patient needing inter-professional primary care services can be referred.
  • Patients can expect to enter a community of care-focused providers who will work together to help achieve their health and wellness goals.
  • Patient’s referral will be assessed within 48-72 hours of receipt and the patient will then be contacted to book an appointment with the appropriate provider(s).
  • Patients without a primary care provider can work with IPC to get linked with a primary care provider.

Inter-professional Primary Care Team Locations and Resources 

  • Carea Community Health Centre
  • Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

Available Services

A variety of services and programs are available to support patients through IPC. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Dietitian/nutrition counselling
  • Indigenous health promotion
  • Diabetes education
  • Harm reduction and Hepatitis C education (including point of care testing)
  • Health promotion programs
  • Geriatric assessment and intervention
  • Smoking cessation
  • Therapy