May 2010 Symposium - May 5, 2010 - updated May 15, 2010 

Save a Million Hours! Save Ten Thousand Days!

Health service providers - their staff, physicians, board members and administrators - and community leaders and residents from across the Central East region participated in the Central East LHIN’s “Save a Million Hours!  Save Ten Thousand Days!” Symposium - which was held at the Ajax Convention Centre, 550 Beck Crescent, Ajax on May 5, 2010 from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

2010 Symposium 1

(Murad Younis, pharmacy owner and member of the Vascular Health Strategic Aim Coalition, signs the IHSP Statement of Intent at the 2010 Symposium.) 

This year's event was hosted by the newly formed Strategic Aim Coalitions (Emergency Department and Vascular Health) and provided Coalition members with an opportunity to obtain input from stakeholders on how the LHIN’s two Strategic Aims – as outlined in the 2010-2013 IHSP – will be achieved. 


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