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Integrated Health Service Plan 2013-2016

The Central East LHIN has released its third Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP), setting out a shared goal for the local health care system to help Central East LHIN residents spend more time in their homes and their communities.    

This latest IHSP provides the road map for Central East LHIN hospitals, long-term care homes, community health centres, community mental health and addictions agencies, the community care access centre and community support services to follow as they work together to create an integrated community-based health care system that can respond to changing demographics, financial challenges, updated clinical practice and new technology.  CF grid purple English 

With an overall theme of “Community First – Help Central East LHIN residents spend more time in their homes and their communities”, four aims will guide the system over the next three years: 

  • Reduce the demand for long-term care so that seniors spend 320,000 more days at home in their communities by 2016.
  • Continue to improve the vascular health of residents so they spend 25,000 more days at home in their communities by 2016.
  • Strengthen the system of supports for people with Mental Health and Addictions issues so they spend 15,000 more days at home in their communities by 2016.
  • Increase the number of palliative patients who die at home by choice and spend 12,000 more days in their communities by 2016.

Developed with input from local community members and health care providers from across the Central East LHIN region, these four strategic aims will guide the shared activities of Central East LHIN health care organizations and providers in the coming three years.

Stories shared by local community residents helped to develop the Plan:

"Now is the time to put our energy and resources into keeping people healthy and well in the community in order to prevent the need for people to be hospitalized or move into long-term care.” - Deborah Hammons, CEO, Central East LHIN

"With the support and leadership from local health service provider Boards, we can transform the system with focused and disciplined actions so that it remains sustainable for future generations.” - Wayne Gladstone, Chair, Central East LHIN Board of Directors

Past IHSPs and supporting documents

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