Central East LHIN Strategic Directions

On April 25, 2018, the Central East LHIN Board of Directors passed a motion updating the Mission and Values for the renewed Central East LHIN and reconfirming the organization’s ongoing Vision and Strategic Directions. The updated Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Directions better reflect the evolving accountabilities of the renewed LHIN organization and the health service providers who deliver services in the Central East region.

Four high-level strategic directions provide the focus and responsibility of both the LHIN and HSPs in supporting the achievement of a high performing health care system as defined by Ontario Health (formerly Health Quality Ontario) - Transformational Leadership, Quality and Safety, Service and System Integration and, Fiscal Responsibility.

Transformational Leadership

The Central East LHIN Board will continue to lead the transformation of the health care system into a culture of interdependence.

Health Service Providers will: 

  • Actively participate in all collaborative service delivery, administrative and governance decision making opportunities.
  • Self-organize to solve problems.
  • Bring forward integration opportunities aligned with the IHSP.

The LHIN will: 

  • Demonstrate accountability and systems-thinking in all decision-making and leadership actions.
  • Reward innovation which is aligned with the IHSP.
  • Model fair, transparent, and honest interaction with one another and with HSPs.

Quality and Safety

The Central East LHIN Board defines health care as being patient-centred, safe and of high-quality.

Health Service Providers will:

  • Meet defined standards and targets for safety and quality of services.
  • Deliver high-quality and safe care informed by patient experience.
  • Demonstrate ongoing improvement in the quality and safety of services and care.

The LHIN will:

  • Hold providers accountable for safety and quality of services in accordance with their Service Accountability Agreements.
  • Consider quality, safety and patient experience as criteria for evaluation and decision-making.
  • Ensure that actions or decisions positively impact the quality and safety of the health system.

Service and System Integration

The Central East LHIN Board will work with all partners to integrate the health care delivery system to better meet the current and future needs of patients, caregivers and communities.

Health Service Providers will:

  • Align their service and strategic plans to the IHSP goals and objectives.
  • Participate in LHIN–facilitated integration activities and support implementation.
  • Pursue integration opportunities that provide the best system of care within available resources.

The LHIN will:

  • Support the creation and implementation of provincial and LHIN strategic plans, such as the IHSP, that guide local decision making.
  • Engage stakeholders to identify integration opportunities to enhance the health care experience.
  • Openly review all proposed integrations that improve the system of care.

Fiscal Responsibility

Resource investments made by the Central East LHIN Board will put people and patients first.

Health Service Providers will:

  • Use the best available evidence and proven best clinical practices to resource care.
  • Use funding to deliver sustainable services based on defined system standards and targets for safety and quality.
  • Develop short- and long-term resource investment plans that address risks to quality service and fiscal sustainability at the organizational and local health system levels.

The LHIN will:

  • Prioritize high quality and high performance when allocating funding.
  • Invest in initiatives that lead to patient-centred care across the care continuum, greater coordination of care, and quality outcomes.
  • Promote a population needs-based approach to system resource planning and management.

These Strategic Directions are consistent with the expectations for all Central East LHIN health service providers as detailed in their annual Service Accountability Agreements which require them to:  

  • align their strategic and service planning within the overall LHIN framework, with specific reference to the priorities identified in the current IHSP;
  • participate in LHIN planning exercises and provide the input and necessary information for the development of LHIN plans;
  • identify integration opportunities and demonstrate continuous improvement in service integration, coordination and quality; and,
  • implement the directions for integration laid out in the accountability agreements with LHINs.

If you have any comments or questions regarding these strategic directions, please contact the Central East LHIN office at 1-866-804-5446 or email centraleast@lhins.on.ca.