Primary health care  is a cornerstone of an efficient and robust health care system.  As the initial entry point to the health system for many patients and families, an integrated, sustainable and comprehensive primary health care system also acts as the mechanism to ensure continuity of care throughout the system.  In the development and maintenance of a sustainable, integrated health care system, the LHIN requires integrative solutions through partnerships with local primary health care leaders. 

In February 2012, Primary Care Leads were identified in each LHIN, endorsed by the MOHLTC and the OMA, in alignment with the commitment in the Government’s Action Plan to bring planning for the full patient journey under the LHINs. With the exception of Community Health Centres, as of June 2012, much of the physician-based primary care system currently lies outside the accountability and funding framework of the LHINs.

The Central East LHIN has recognized engagement of primary care providers as a critical success factor in fulfilling its mandate of integrated care. The creation of this advisory group builds on past and current efforts to involve physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals in the LHIN change agenda. 

A broad, but defined, scope of membership on the Central East LHIN's Primary Health Care Advisory Group (PHCAG) provides a balance of perspectives of different primary care settings and pressures across the LHIN.