Vascular Health Strategic Aim Coalition


Optimize the Vascular health of our communities. 


To promote the transition to an integrated Vascular Health Care System across the Central East.


The Vascular Health Strategic Aim Coalition leads and provides oversight to the achievement of the priorities contained in the Central East LHIN's Integrated Health Service Plan. The Vascular Health Strategic Aim Coalition applies quality improvement methodologies including the application of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim Framework and the LHIN's own mission of improving population health, obtaining better value for money and improving the patient experience.


1.     Cardiovascular

  • Equitable access to acute, rehabilitation and secondary prevention of cardiovascular services through analysis and improvement
  • Continue to strengthen regional access to acute stroke and vascular services

2.     Stroke

  • Equitable access to acute, rehabilitation and secondary prevention of stroke through analysis and improvement
  • Harmonized Central East LHIN stroke system

3.     Diabetes

  • Complex Diabetes Care Management (CCDC)
  • Diabetes Education Programs (DEPS)
  • Centralized Diabetes Intake and Referral

4.     Renal

  • Early management of Chronic Kidney Disease through Primary Care


The following individuals are members of the Vascular Health Strategic Coalition:

Vascular Health Coalition

Helen Brenner

Co- Chair, VP, Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive, Northumberland Hills Hospital

A Registered Nurse by profession, in 2001 Helen completed a Masters of Business Administration through Athabasca University. With over 25 years tertiary and community progressive leadership experience in the acute care sector, Helen has successfully lead a number of diverse clinical portfolios and has had extensive experience working with a broad array of stakeholders in the health care sector in creating partnerships to support the smooth transition of patients from the acute care setting back to the community.

 Dr. Ricci

Dr. Joe Ricci Co

Chair, Vascular Lead, Central East LHIN Program Chief, Cardiac Care, Rouge Valley Health System

Dr. Ricci is a graduate of the University of Toronto and completed his postgraduate specialty training in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Cardiology at the University of Toronto. He joined the Rouge Valley Health System in 1986. As the Director of the Regional Cardiac Care Program at RVHS he has led the expansion of cardiac care service at RVHS and improvements in care for our community. The RVHS cardiac care program is one of two regional cardiac care centers in the CELIHN.

Dr. Ricci has special certifications in advanced cardiac imaging and a professional focus on cardiac management and prevention of cardiovascular disease progression He has completed medical training in medical administration and has support the RVHS cardiac care program in adaption of the LEAN approaches adapted by the RVHS. He is a member of past and present provincial and regional committees including the CCN (Cardiac Care Network of Ontario), Central East LHIN (CELIN) and the Cardiac Rehabilitation Network of Ontario (CRNO). He was a founding member of the CRNO. He was a participant in the CCN expert panel on cardiovascular rehabilitation and the Ontario Cardiac Rehabilitation Pilot, Steering Committee.

Dr. Ricci is currently a member of the CCN Cardiovascular Disease Working Group (2012) and OIVIS. He is active in clinical research, participating in over 100 randomized cardiac clinical trials as a clinical investigator. Dr. Ricci is married with 3 thriving children. His multiple personal interests include cycling, downhill skiing, photography, woodworking and jazz music.


Dr. Gus Azooubel, Vascular Surgeon , The Scarborough Hospital

Dr. Taryn Becker, Endocrinologist, The Scarborough Hospital

Glyn Boatswain, Director Oncology Clinic, Cardiac Diagnostics, Arrhythymia, Cath Lab & Regional Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Rouge Valley Health System

Lisa Burden, Program Director, Chronic  Disease Management, Central East CCAC

Tracy Carter, Provincial Vascular Project Manager , Ontario Stroke Network

Jay Wilson , Director, Renal, Metabolic and Oncology Programs, Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Ethel Doyle, Patient Care Director, Nephrology and Diabetes, The Scarborough Hospital

Jodi Dunn, Program Director, Continuing Care Program, Rehabilitation Therapies and Health First, Ross Memorial Hospital

Dr. Michael Hartleib, Cardiologist, Vascular Health Network, Peterborough

Helen Leung, Executive Director, Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association

Ken McCaw, Patient Representative

Catha McMaster, Director-Clinical Services, Oshawa CHC

Cheryl Moher, Regional Diretor, Central East Stroke Network

Shelly Morris, Regional Manager LHINS 8&9, Ontario Telemedicine Network 

Dr. Neal Parekh, Head, Division of Neurology , The Scarborough Hospital

Heather Reid, Regional Director, Ontario Renal Network, Lakeridge Health

Dr. John Sigalas , Endocrinologist, Rouge Valley Health System

Dr. Andrew Steele ,Nephrologist/Diabetologist, Lakeridge Health

Trish Topping, Senior Manager, Central East LHIN Self -Management

Jacquline Willems, Regional Stroke Program Manager, South East Toronto Stroke Network