Improving Access to French Language Health Services

Access to quality French-language health services directly impacts the health of Francophones. The LHIN works to fulfill this need as part of its vision and its responsibilities under the French Language Services Act and the Local Health System Integration Act

A strong working partnership has been established with Entité 4 (French Language Health Services Planning Entity #4) to support the Central East LHIN in engaging with its francophone stakeholders. Through a Joint Action Plan, the Central East LHIN and Entité 4 are working to improve the planning and delivery of French Language Health Services (FLHS), develop FLHS performance indicators, monitor system capacity to provide FLHS at the LHIN and sub-regional level, and explore the identification and designation of HSPs for the provision of FLHS.

To find Central East LHIN-funded health service providers and other agencies that offer all or some of their health services in French, please click here.

To view the Central East Local Health Integration Network French Language Services Update presented to the Executive Leadership Team on May 13, 2019, please click here.

French Language Engagement

Coalition for Healthy Francophone Communities in Scarborough

Central East LHIN and Entité 4 have entered into a partnership with the TAIBU Community Health Centre TAIBU CHC), a health service provider (HSP) who provides primary healthcare and community development programs and services for the African and Caribbean community in Scarborough, to support the Coalition for Healthy Francophone Communities in Scarborough (CHFCS). The primary focus of the CHFCS is on health promotion and secondary prevention to slow or stop the progression of chronic disease and, where possible, prevent adverse events or disability.


  • Discusses best practices of health promotion, lifestyle modification and management of chronic diseases;
  • Shares and present new initiatives, programs, services;
  • Identifies possible shared initiatives and projects;
  • Provides feedback to the LHIN on Francophone needs in Scarborough Cluster;
  • Promotes use of existing programs and initiatives including self-management of chronic diseases and to promote better health outcomes for Francophone of diverse and multicultural community;
  • Advises and provide input on the development of a Health Promotion and Prevention Action Plan for Scarborough;
  • Advises on community projects that benefit the Francophone community recognizing diverse ethnicity in in Scarborough;
  • Reviews information gathered during project consultations, and develop reports and recommendations on initiatives regarding the health and wellness of the French-speaking population of Scarborough.

Membership on the CHFCS includes:

  • Liben Gebremikael, Executive Director - TAIBU Community Health Centre
  • Tony Jno Baptiste, Manager Community Programs - TAIBU Community Health Centre
  • Simon Houle, Planning Officer – Entité 4
  • Antoine Dérose, Program Consultant & Health Promotion Lead GTA Area – CAMH
  • Marlène Rémy –Thélusma, Interim Chair- Kay Créole d’Entraide et de Services Professionnels.
  • Marie Fortin – Board member – Kay Créole d’Entraide et de Services Professionnels
  • Anastasie Mbombo –Chair- Réseau de Femme Afro-Canadiennes Francophone
  • Malubungi Mueni, Chair - Réseau des Chercheurs Africaines
  • Paul Merlin Wabet, member of the Common Thoughts Initiative

Francophone Community Table on Health – Durham Region

As part of their Joint Action Plan, the Central East LHIN and Entité 4 have implemented a Francophone Community Table on Health – Durham Region. This table will gathers health and community services key stakeholders who have formed an Advisory Committee which provides an opportunity for discussion and sharing on the needs expressed by Durham Region francophone communities.

Responsibilities of the FCTHDR are: 

  • To mobilize Durham Region Francophones for the identification of needs, priorities, and solutions in matters of health, aligned with present and future priority sectors identified by Central East LHIN and in the Joint Annual Action Plan signed between Entité 4 and its three LHINs.
  • To provide Entité 4 with data on the communities involved in order to properly prioritize health services, within the framework of the Central East IHSP and the Joint Annual Action Plan signed between Entité 4 and its three LHINs.
  • To support Entité 4 and Central East LHIN when engaging francophone communities for the improvement of French language health services in Durham Region and assess strategies impacting the health and well-being of Durham Region Francophones. 


  • Nancy Morneau - Association des Communautés Francophones de l’Ontario - Durham/Peterborough (ACFO DP)
  • Cindy Zamiska - Services à la famille catholiques de Durham - Durham Catholic Family Services
  • Manon Lemonde - Institut de technologie universitaire de l’Ontario à Oshawa/University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • Isabelle Girard - Centres Acceuil Héritage
  • Paulette Levesque - Jeunesse d’Hier (Club d’Ainés)
  • Marcelle Jomphe - Jeunesse d’Hier/ACFO DP
  • Madeleine Rajotte - Association des Communautés Francophones de l’Ontario -Durham/Peterborough (ACFO DP)
  • Mireille Huneault - Association canadienne pour la santé mentale-Oshawa/Canadian Mental Health Association – Oshawa
  • Claudette Leduc - Professionnelle de la santé – Région de Durham/Health Professional – Durham Region
  • Nancy Steben - Entité 4

The Central East LHIN is continuing to update its website to ensure that francophone stakeholders have access to information in the official language of their choice to support their involvement in LHIN activities. For more information on these activities, please contact Farrah Hirji at