Dieufert Bellot, B.A;  M.P.A.

French Language Health Services Co-ordinator

Dieufert BellotBorn in Haiti in a family of six children, Mr. Dieufert Bellot became an orphan at the tender age of four,  due to the disappearance of his father under the Duvalier regime (Tonton Macoutes). His education was later supported by his mother and older brother through primary school and until the end of High school.  Following a competition held by a political organization in Haiti, named the Peasant Movement of Papaye, Mr. Bellot Dieufert received an academic scholarship to go Mexico in 1992.

There, he completed a Bachelor degree in Agronomy, specializing in Agribusiness, Economics and Management at the University of Guadalajara. He completed his studies with honor and merit,  being the first of his class with an overall mark of 92.33/100. One of Mr. Bellot`s major challenge at the time,  was the necessity to  learn Spanish while he undertook theses studies.Upon his return from Mexico, Mr. Bellot Dieufert assumed the position of Project Manager, as such becoming in charge of the development and marketing of local agricultural products for the Peasant Movement of Papaye. He held that position for two years before acquiring in 2000, through another competition, a scholarship from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in order to work on a Master’s degree in Agricultural economics at the Laval University of Quebec in Canada.

Taking into consideration the deteriorating political situation in Haiti, at the time, Mr. Bellot changed his academic program to complete a Master in Public Administration, in order to increase his chances of success in the Canadian labor market while remaining at the service of its citizens – the latter being a passionate concern of his. In short, Mr. Bellot holds a Master of Public Administration specializing in International Management; a Graduate degree in International Administration from the National School of Public Administration -  University of Quebec, as well as a Bachelor degree with Honors in Agribusiness, Economics and Management, from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. He is currently working on a Post graduate diploma in  Early Childhood  Administration, at the Boréal College in Ontario.

Due to his passion for transmitting and sharing of knowledge, Mr. Bellot Dieufert completed his  Master's thesis in Good Governance, in order to enhance the effectiveness of international aid and the performance of public administrators in countries in need of support.  He worked as a Research associate  and assisted to two great professors of the National School of Public Administration, Paul André Comeau and Louis Sabourin. With them, Mr. Bellot conducted researches on accountability and transparency in the Canadian and Quebec public administration as well as in Canada and international corruption, a proposed a model, explaining the corruption in international trade and assessing the effectiveness of the international aid in Canada (CIDA), the good governance, and healthy administration of public affairs, the structure and functioning of international economic organizations including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Organisation for economic cooperation and Development (OECD) and so on.

After his arrival in  London, Ontario in 2004, as an Official Language Monitor, representing the Council of Canadian Education Ministers and Heritage Canada, Mr.Dieufert  Bellot quickly assumed the position of Teacher of Business French and French as a Second Language (2005-2009) at the University of Western Ontario and Teacher of French communications at Collège Boréal (2005-2007). Previously, he had also taught  French as an International Language (2000) for the Harvard Institute  in Guadalajara, Mexico from 1993 to 1996, he taught  Management of cooperatives at the Institute of Cooperative Management and Economics Center, in Haiti. (1998-1999)

Experienced in Program management at national and international levels; Strategic Development Consultant; Public Affairs & Organisational Development, Researcher in the fields of good governance, accountability and transparency, Mr. Dieufert Bellot held Consultant positions in economic and community development for Industry Canada; ( Montreal office 2003) Research Associate and Analyst of  Governamental  program for the Centre of public analysis and decision making at the Political Science department of the University of Quebec at Montreal;  Training consultant for Boreal College; (2005) Consultant - Needs assessment and priorities of local Francophone immigrants for  the French Canadian Association of Ontario. (ACFO) London/Sarnia; (2006) Executive Director of the London Regional Community Centre (2006 – 2010) and; General Coordinator of ACFO/AFO – Régionale Hamilton, an organization at risk where  he dedicated himself to put it back on track, thus ensuring its survival through a repositioning that would insure the linguistic rights of the francophones of the region it serves.

Mr. Bellot is a Francophone citizen who has a strong sense of community involvement and continuously  participates in the discussions and debates addressing the challenges and needs of Francophones in the Province of Ontario. He  is a co-founder of the French Language Health Planning Entity # 1, to which he gave his time voluntarily.

Concerned about community involvement and civic responsibility, Mr.Dieufert Bellot volunteers as a Director on the board of several organizations and working committees, such as the Multicultural Francophone Coalition of London;  Jury member of the  Arts Council of Ontario for the evaluation of grant applications; Director of official language for London Celebrates Canada’s, in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation in 2017;  Member of the Board of Directors of ACFO, London Sarnia, Committee member of the French Language Services of  ACFO London, Member of the Programming Committee of the London Regional Community Center, Volunteer at the Games of the Franco-Ontarians (FESFO) in 2008; Ex-officio Advisor to the International Development Board Rajyon Share of Sarnia; Member of the Executive Board of the London Inter-community Health Centre; Member of the Children and Youth Network of the City of London; Member of the Subcommittee working on the fight against poverty at the city of London and; Member of the Working Committee on the Inclusion, citizenship and commitment of Immigrants of the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership.

Mr. Bellot Dieufert holds fast to his personal values and interpersonal skills, such as professional ethics, intercultural skills, team spirit, openness, integrity and loyalty. As an transformational leader, he focusses  on the individual and collective wellness of the Francophone communities and the viability of  Francophone affairs in Ontario.  He is an active supporter and advocater of the language rights of francophones in Ontario and of the quality of French Language Services offered by government agencies  and institutions, required to provide services in French.

Dieufert Bellot, the Central East LHIN's French Language Health Services Co-ordinator can be reached at (905)427-5497 ext.258 or via email at Dieufert.Bellot@LHINS.on.ca