Engaging with our Stakeholders - posted September 23, 2011 

The Central East LHIN e-HealthTeam engages with a diverse group of stakeholders from health care service organizations from across the Central East LHIN.    

Central East Executive Council


The CEEC is comprised of the CEOs from all Central East LHIN hospitals and the Central East Community Care Access Centre. Guided by a memorandum of understanding, the council considers programs, service, and back office alignment that would decrease cost, increase quality or improve patient access for service, and collectively develop human resource capacity and the opportunity to share experience.


EHealth Steering Committee

The eHealth Steering Committee provides active leadership in developing and implementing the CE LHIN eHealth Strategy and Tactical Plan to enable Central East LHIN health care providers to leverage the potential of Information and Communications Technology.

eHealth Steering Committee Terms of Reference- to be added

eHealth Steering Committee Membership 

Hospital and CCAC Financial Leadership Group


The HCFL Work Group will provide expert content-knowledge, directional leadership and expertise in financial and information services management within a collaborative forum in accordance with the needs of Central East Executive Council (CEEC)

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Information Management, Information Technology Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Information Management, Information Technology committee is to oversee the development, acceptance and implementation of the Regional IT/IM strategic plan on behalf of the organizational partner. The IM/IT Advisory Committee oversees the development and implementation of strategic and other initiatives and identifies additional opportunities for the LHIN.  This group is qualified to make recommendations where appropriate for action to the Central East Executive Council (CEEC). 

IM/IT Committee Terms of Reference

IM/IT Committee Membership 

Primary Care Working Group


The Primary Care Working Group provides expert advice to the Central East LHIN on current and emerging trends and issues in primary health care and population health.

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Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive Steering Committee



The VP/CNE Steering Committee facilitates the provision of safe, quality, seamless, consistent and efficient patient care within the Central East LHIN. Through collaboration and open and joint decision making, the Steering Committee seeks out opportunities to enhance the patient experience and makes recommendations around practice directions, with the aim of optimizing patient care. The Steering Committee also seeks out opportunities for ongoing development of health care professionals within the Central East LHIN, including, but not limited to, standardization of policies, processes and protocols with the Central East LHIN boundaries.