MOHLTC/LHIN Joint Review Framework for Early Capital Planning Stages

In November 2010, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and all Ontario LHINs released a new Joint Review Framework for early capital planning. Under this Framework, LHINs play a critical role in advising on, and endorsing, the program and service elements of all capital projects in their early planning stages. 
The Joint Review Framework was developed to fulfill provisions of the Ministry/LHIN Accountability Agreement (MLAA) which requires local needs and LHIN advice to be considered in the review of capital planning submissions.  It will place an emphasis on local health system needs as the primary driver for capital initiatives. The framework was developed by the MOHLTC/LHIN Capital Working Group in consultation with stakeholders. The Capital Working Group will continue to work with and support stakeholders as they implement and apply the new Framework.
For additional information about the framework, please click on the links below:

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For more information about the Capital Planning Process in the Central East LHIN, please contact Stewart Sutley at Stewart.Sutley@LHINS.ON.CA