Decision Making Framework/Health Equity Impact Assessment 

Across the province, LHINs have adopted a consistent "Priority Setting and Decision Making Framework" to guide the 14 organizations, as they continue to engage with local stakeholders, to set local health care priorities and make decisions. The Framework was developed by a work group comprised of representatives from the LHINs, provincial health care associations including the Ontario Medical Association and Ontario Health Centres and front line providers from the long term care sector, the community care access sector, mental health and addictions and community care. 

Eight Guiding Principles are contained in the Framework to ensure that processes are transparent and publically accessible, that decisions are based on reasons that are relevant to fair-minded people and that decisions can be revisited and refined if more information becomes available.  In May 2016, the 2010 Framework was reviewed and approved for ongoing use by all LHIN CEOs.

In addition, LHINs use a Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) Tool, a decision support tool which has been demonstrated to reduce health disparities and improve targeting of health care investments. 

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Health Service Providers are encouraged to use these resources to guide their own organizations.  

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