Symposium Summary

The Ontario Government is dealing with a difficult financial situation.  As leaders of the health care system, LHINs are prepared to do their part in achieving a strong financial future for all Ontarians.  

It was with regret, therefore, that the Board of the Central East LHIN passed a motion at their March 28 2012 Board Meeting to defer the Central East LHIN’s 2012 Symposium, which had been scheduled for May 30th.   That would have been the 6th Annual event, which over the previous five years (2007 - 2011), had provided health service providers – governors, administrators, physicians, clinical leaders and front line staff, patients/clients/consumers – with the opportunity to share best practices on health system quality initiatives that directly impact the achievement of the LHIN’s Strategic Aims.  

The feedback from the event had always been very positive and had allowed LHIN staff and local health service providers to work on system-wide projects and initiatives many of which are now available across the Central East LHIN region. 

In moving forward from that decision, the LHIN organization has continued to utilize the most cost-effective and accessible methods of engaging with its stakeholders and our communities with that result that engagement and shared planning is still in effect as we work together on delivering high quality care for local residents

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