Baxter Canada Partners with Lakeridge Health and the Central East LHIN to launch a Renal Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Program 

Baxter Corporation (Canada) has selected Lakeridge Health and the Central East Local Health Integration Network (CELHIN) to launch a leading edge Renal Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CDPM) Program over the next four years. This program is a first of its kind in the province and once implemented will be one of the first fully operational Renal Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Programs in the country.

“Lakeridge Health is helping to keep more Ontarians healthy through the prevention and management of renal chronic disease,” said David Caplan, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. “This July we launched our government’s comprehensive diabetes strategy including an expanded chronic kidney disease program. This type of initiative furthers the government goal of providing access to quality care close to home.”

At present, Lakeridge Health’s Regional Nephrology System (RNS) cares for approximately 1,000 chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients every year. By 2011/12, it is projected that the RNS will see more than 1500 CKD patients, representing an annual increase of 6.5%.

“This Renal CDPM Program will create an integrated and coordinated program designed to manage patients with chronic kidney disease,” said Kevin Empey, President and CEO of Lakeridge Health. “The RNS staff continue to demonstrate their leadership and ability to further improve the quality of life for our patients, while establishing best clinical practices that result in reduced use of emergency departments and duplication of services.“

“The program will promote self management, improve clinical outcomes and seamless care across the healthcare continuum and slow the progression of patients’ chronic kidney disease that may prevent their need to ever start dialysis,” noted Helen Brenner, Director of Lakeridge Health’s Regional Nephrology Services. “For example, the program will decrease patients’ infection rates, decrease amputation rates and improve patients’ quality of life, while at the same time save healthcare dollars which we can reinvest to provide more care.”

Renal CDPM represents a progressive and balanced partnership to meet patients’ needs by bringing together and leveraging the expertise, knowledge and resources of Lakeridge Health, the community, the provincial government, CE LHIN and industry (Baxter Canada).

“Baxter is proud to support Lakeridge Health’s Renal Chronic Disease Prevention and Management program,” said Barbara Leavitt, President, Baxter Canada. “We applaud Lakeridge Health for taking a leadership position, not only within the Central East LHIN in terms of renal care, but also in chronic disease management in the province and the country.”

"Given the high prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease within this LHIN, we must be innovative in looking for new approaches that improve the patient's experience and quality of care," said Foster Loucks, Chair of the Central East LHIN Board of Directors. "The community told us that Chronic Disease Prevention and Management should be a local health care priority. By dedicating LHIN priority funding to this Lakeridge-Baxter initiative and other innovative Chronic Kidney Disease investments in Scarborough and Peterborough - we are delivering on the local community's priority."

Implementing this program will allow Lakeridge Health to shift care for the chronically ill renal patient from an illness to wellness orientation.

“I have been a peritoneal dialysis patient for 9 years. Before I started dialysis I was in denial as to how ill I really felt,” said Roger Wharmby Peritoneal Dialysis patient and a member of the Regional Nephrology System’s Patient Council. “Peritoneal dialysis enabled me to continue to work as a sales consultant traveling over 50,000 kms a year. I am grateful for the support I receive from my family and Lakeridge Health’s Regional Nephrology System Team who have given me the tools and knowledge I needed to manage my kidney disease right at home.”

For more information, contact:
Leigh Winn-Kruck
Lakeridge Health, Communications   905-576-8711 ext. 4317