Patient Experience with the Central East Telehomecare Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic  

The new Telehomecare COVID-19 Virtual Ward supports the remote monitoring of discharged COVID-19 patients who are recovering in the community. Please read one patients' positive experience below.


“I would like to share my experience of Telehomecare program during COVID-19 pandemic. I was referred to it after a visit to the emergency room at Scarborough General Hospital.

At first it felt like homework that I struggled to do due to high fever, extreme weakness and low oxygen saturation. I did not see help from this, only burden. But the nurse Cheryl was so thoughtful. She would phone and check on me and she quickly figured out I was getting worse. She insisted on calling 911 in spite of my resistance. I believe it saved my life. I apparently had COVID pneumonia and severe hypoxia from it. I ended up being admitted to Scarborough General Hospital for a week and got the appropriate treatment.

I am back home now and again followed up by the Telehomecare nurses. I would like to express my gratitude to the nurses from this program, to their humanity, care and professionalism, especially to my angel Cheryl. Being an RPN myself and benefiting from this program I only can imagine how valuable this program is for people without any medical background or anyone to discuss their condition with while being isolated. Wonderful work, team, and is so appreciated!

People need to know that this program works because caring people are involved in this. I am sure this program will be as valuable to others as it was to me.”

- Patient with the Central East Telehomecare Program

For more information on the Telehomecare COVID-19 Virtual Ward click here.