Central East LHIN Continues Its Support for Regional Specialized Geriatric Services

Regional Specialized Geriatric Services (RSGS) in the Central East LHIN received a vote of confidence from the Central East LHIN Board of Directors at its January 23, 2013 meeting.  The primary role of the RSGS is to provide leadership in the creation of a regional system of integrated specialized geriatric services for frail seniors. 

The Central East LHIN Board approved a Letter of Understanding with the Governance Authority of RSGS, confirming key roles and responsibilities of both parties, and enabling RSGS to proceed with the development of a multi-year strategic plan, performance standards for providers of specialized geriatrics services, and service integration and enhancement recommendations.


RSGS signing

Signing the Letter of Understanding is Central East LHIN Board Chair Wayne Gladstone and RSGS Governance Authority Chair Glenna Raymond (seated) who are joined by Central East LHIN CEO Deborah Hammons (left) and RSGS Executive Director Victoria van Hemert. 


In 2011, the Central East LHIN Board of Directors approved the creation of a regional model for the organization, coordination and governance of specialized geriatric services with the formation of the RSGS.   This decision was driven by a collective understanding and acknowledgement that there is room for improvement in how services are arranged and provided to frail seniors that could achieve better outcomes from both a client and system perspective.

At the Central East LHIN’s Board meeting on January 23rd, RSGS Governance Authority Chair, Glenna Raymond, and Executive Director, Victoria van Hemert, provided an overview of the origin of the RSGS, the developmental activities of the Governance Authority over the past year, the 2012/13 workplan and accomplishments to date, as well as a preview of upcoming activities.

Since becoming operational in July, 2012, RSGS has supported work to strengthen and coordinate several existing specialized geriatric services in Central East, including:

  • Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM);
  • Geriatric Assessment & Intervention Network (GAIN);
  • Nurse Practitioners Supporting Teams Averting Transfers (NPSTAT), and
  • Behaviour Supports Ontario.

RSGS is now launching a needs assessment and capacity analysis of specialized geriatric services in the Central East to identify opportunities for improving access and program development based on community need.  A multi-year strategic plan focused on creating a high quality, integrated, person-centred system of care that supports the best quality of life for frail seniors and their care givers is also in the works.

Anyone seeking additional information on the RSGS is encouraged to contact Victoria van Hemert by email at vvanhemert@nhh.ca.