Chemo Clinic: Quality care closer to home

By Alastair Lamb

I'd like to draw your attention to one of the gems of Rouge Valley Health System.  It's your Chemo Clinic.

Located on the main floor of Rouge Valley Centenary, 2867 Ellesmere Road, the clinic services the needs of residents in west Durham and east Toronto. The chemotherapy clinic is a modern outpatient clinic where patients with cancer receive chemotherapy drugs as part of their overall treatment.

Part of my job is to increase awareness of cancer care services available and to increase patient referrals to the clinic. The reason for this is simple: It provides the same level of care as chemo clinics elsewhere and is more convenient.

Currently, we have many patients being referred to cancer services at downtown facilities, some of whom could be treated at Rouge Valley. The quality of services at Rouge Valley is excellent. So we are actively promoting and encouraging physicians to refer appropriate patients to the Chemo Clinic. Head of oncology Dr. James Chiarotto and his team provide quality care, closer to home for patients.

We want physicians to know that referring their patients to the Rouge Valley Chemo Clinic will provide them with the same quality of care as they would receive elsewhere in a more convenient and cozy setting with caring professionals, who know their patients very well. A family member or a friend is always welcome to attend with the patient.

Quality patient care is our priority, of course. The Rouge Valley Chemo Clinic is part of the Scarborough Joint Systemic Program, along with The Scarborough Hospital and the Central East Regional Cancer Program. The Rouge Valley Chemo Clinic follows the same-evidence based protocols as delivered in other cancer centres. Patients can be confident that they are receiving the best care possible regardless of where they are getting it. So, why not receive your care closer to home?

Staff members, physicians and volunteers of Rouge Valley are encouraged to spread the good word about the Chemo Clinic.

For more information, please contact the Chemo Clinic at 416-281-7483, visit online or come visit for a personal tour! 

Alastair Lamb is the Director of the Scarborough Joint Systemic Program for the Central East Regional Cancer Program.