From Theory to Practice: Interprofessional Leadership Project Poster Presentations

“Building Community Capacity for Interprofessional Care to Improve Health Care for Seniors”

On January 18th, 2010, healthcare providers from across Durham Region participated in an informative and engaging series of poster presentations.  The event was a celebration and an opportunity to showcase outcomes stemming from the completion of supported six month practicum projects from the first of two groups of Leadership Participants in the Interprofessional Leadership Project.  Leadership Participants shared excellent examples of how collaboration and partnership is possible when there is flexibility and willingness, and most importantly they shared their insights and lessons learned.

The IPL Project Team is pleased with the interest and commitment to interprofessional education and collaborative practice, and the team commends these busy providers who took the opportunity to learn together through a series of UOIT-HETRU education workshops, who then gained a broader understanding of interprofessional care and who ultimately integrated something new into the way that they deliver care/services for seniors. 

On Friday June 18th, the 2nd Group of Leadership Participants in the IPL Project will showcase the results of their six month practicum projects and this event will provide a further opportunity to network and exchange ideas about how to continue the momentum generated by the Interprofessional Leadership Project. 

For more information please contact:  Susanne Babic