Ontario Renal Plan 2012-2015 - Local Success Stories

The Ontario Renal Network (ORN) published its Ontario Renal Plan in May 2012.  Built through extensive stakeholder discussion, the Ontario Renal Plan and its seven priorities represent a comprehensive roadmap for how the Ontario Renal Network, the Ontario government, Cancer Care Ontario, the Local Health Integration Networks — as well as healthcare professionals and organizations across the province — will work together to reduce the risk of Ontarians developing end stage renal disease, while improving the quality of care and treatment for current and future patients. To download a copy of the plan, please visit the ORN website at http://orp.renalnetwork.on.ca/cms/One.aspx?siteId=122849.

Below is one of the local success stories that appears in the report. 

Meet Miriam Khan and her Healthcare Team

Worried when their family matriarch became weak, the Khans took the normally bubbly Miriam to their family doctor who sent her for some tests. That is when the Khans found out that Miriam had end stage renal disease . Very shortly after that, Miriam went on dialysis at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa and began to feel better.

So began the Khans' journey to the hospital for Miriam’s facility dialysis treatments. It wasn’t easy. Miriam’s son, Ebrahim, explains,“My sons and I took turns driving my mother to the hospital every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for her three-hour treatments. Because my mom does not speak English,one of us always had to be with her. For us it was not easy, but for my mom, it was worse. Her energy was already so low, and the winters were especially tough.”

Miriam was convinced by her nephrologist at Lakeridge Health that the only way she could feel better was to intensify her therapy, which she could do by shifting to home dialysis. That was six months ago. Ebrahim began intensive training at the hospital and today, under the watchful eyes of her devoted family, Miriam is feeling better and her appetite is good. Best of all —Miriam’s spark is back.

With Ebrahim translating, Miriam concludes, “I am grateful for the support I receive from my family and Lakeridge Health’s Regional Nephrology Program Team who have given us the tools and knowledge we needed to manage my kidney disease, right here at home where I belong.”

Lakeridge Health, one of the largest community hospital networks in Ontario, launched their self-management program in 2008 as part of the Renal Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CDPM) Program — the first of its kind in Canada.

Emily Harrison, RN and patient care manager at  Lakeridge Health, explains, “Our self-management program empowers the patient and their family to take control of their condition and their health. The key to our success is involving the whole team — the patients, dietitians, nurses, physicians, social workers, and a pharmacist.”

According to Christina Vaillancourt, the dietitian and a patient care specialist at Lakeridge Health, “The self-management program really makes the healthcare system work. It helps the patient access the care they need by bringing the whole healthcare team together so everyone can work toward the patient’s goals. This has been key to the success to our self management home dialysis program.”

For more information on the Ontario Renal Plan, please contact

Marko Perovic, Senior Public Affairs Advisor Cancer Care Ontario