Patient Testimonial - COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Program 


"On March 20, 2020, my husband and I returned from our vacation in Florida. The following day, I came down with a fever, chills, achy/painful joints and extreme fatigue... and that was just the beginning.  After reaching out to Health Canada and our family doctor, both physicians were in agreement that it was quite probable that I had COVID-19. I checked all the boxes!  

As my COVID-19 journey carried on, it was quite evident that my painful chest and back, shortness of breath and cough had to be looked at. On May 5 my husband took me to the hospital where a work-up was done on me with chest x-ray and blood work. Again, another doctor confirmed COVID-19 and placed me in the Remote Monitoring Program.

The Remote Monitoring Program for COVID-19 was a godsend. I was contacted by an RN named Sherri.  Sherri was extremely kind and explained the program to me thoroughly and how she would be in touch with me twice a day. I downloaded the app on my phone to coordinate a connection with her. With this app, named Vivify Health, I was easily able to answer pertinent questions regarding my symptoms and health needs. Through text messaging, Sherri and I were able to contact one another throughout the day should I have any other questions or concerns. 

As I had several questions and sometimes "fears", Sherri made a point of calling me each morning and afternoon to discuss my vitals and answer any concerns along with guiding me to best health practices (deep breathing exercises, lots of fluids, rest as well as movement/cough). This was certainly needed to assist in the recovery of my now diagnoses of pneumonia. I was never rushed and always felt heard. 

Thank you, Sherri. I cannot say enough how much care and compassion Sherri showed me. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is passionate about her career or shall I say "calling".  Not a day went by that I didn't feel nurtured or calmed when needed. Sherri has a heart of gold, a passion for healing and a love for each and every one of her patients. This is so evident and I am blessed to have been placed in her care. 

Although this Program is remote, I am positive that my progress has been smoother and more comfortable with being in my own home and knowing that Sherri, and the entire Remote Monitoring Program team, was right beside me every step of the way. If an emergency should arise, Sherri was at the ready to take care to contact a doctor if needed. All the bases were covered.  

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sherri personally, for supporting me through a very tough time, for caring so deeply with her nurturing, compassionate heart. They say there are angels among us, and I truly feel that Sherri is one of the darlings I was blessed to have for my care.  

Thank you, Sherri, from the bottom of my heart."

- Patient of the COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Program