Remote Surgical Monitoring Supports Surgery Patients Recovering at Home 

The Remote Surgical Monitoring Program is a collaboration between the Central East LHIN, Lakeridge Health, and Ontario Health (OTN) offering suitable patients undergoing thoracic, orthopedic, and laparoscopic gynecologic-oncology surgeries a digitally-enabled virtual care platform where they communicate their symptoms as they recover at home following surgery. Built on the success of the COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Program (Virtual Ward) and Telehomecare Program, the remote monitoring approach improves patient outcomes, reduces anxiety and is effective in reducing the number of Emergency Department visits and hospital re-admissions. To hear one patient's experience read below:




"I would like to share my positive experience with the Remote Surgical Monitoring Program provided by the Central East LHIN. In the space of almost one year I have had two total knee replacements. Due to some complications with my first operation, I was sent to the rehabilitation centre at the Whitby Hospital. For my recent 2nd total knee replacement operation, I was told I would be sent home the same day after recovery. I was very stressed out about going home so soon as I live alone and have 18 stairs to climb once home.

When I was in the hospital recovering, I was told about the Remote Surgical Monitoring Program and was signed up for the service. I was assigned a Care Coordinator and instructed to download the App. It was a very simple process and it really put my mind at ease. I felt safer knowing someone was just a phone call or text away. The service really helped me focus on my recovery and stopped me worrying about things that might go wrong. I was contacted twice a day for the first week and every other for the 2nd week but the Care Coordinators were always available to help me if needed. I would like to thank everyone involved with the Remote Monitoring Program; it really helped me feel secure and looked after."

- Sylvia Hare, Remote Surgical Monitoring Program patient