Responsive behaviours disappearing at Frost Manor

Supportive measures, BSO protocols, proving to be effective tools

July 10, 2012 -- Deron Hamel

LINDSAY, Ont. - Responsive behaviours are quickly disappearing at Frost Manor, thanks largely to staff members using their supportive measures training and Behavioural Supports in Ontario (BSO) protocols.

Administrator Connie Daly says a heightened sense of awareness amongst staff members about the need to mitigate responsive behaviours by using the available tools has made a big difference.

The term “supportive measures” refers to an OMNI Health Care program and corporate value that’s aimed at developing an individualized approach to care to help residents live to their full potential.

This program has been successful at addressing responsive behaviours for many years.

“As soon as there is a behaviour, we act,” Daly tells the OMNIway during a recent visit to Frost Manor.

“We have a quality-improvement team and their biggest focus has been responsive behaviours.

“I did supportive measures training in February, and we reviewed the program, and we’ve been working with the doctor, and the quality-improvement team has been great — everybody’s on board.”

When a responsive behaviour does occur, staff members can also turn to BSO protocols. For example, one protocol is checking a resident’s urine to make sure there isn’t a urinary tract infection that’s causing agitation.

The home’s medical adviser is also called upon to check a person’s medication, Daly adds.

Frost Manor is also working with the Whitby-based Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, which is providing consultations as necessary, the administrator notes.

Another BSO recommendation Frost Manor is using is a whiteboard listing people who are exhibiting behaviours, so staff members can chart the behaviours and post the recommended interventions.

“So, when a (responsive behaviour) happens, (staff knows) to do this, or to do that, or don’t give them their bath if there has been a challenge on a bath day,” Daly says, adding the team is “on it right away” to prevent responsive behaviours.

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