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Seniors’ network looking for members

Monday, March 19, 2007 -- By Jason Thompson
Kate Reed says Central East LHIN is breaking new ground with its Seamless Care for Seniors (SCFS) network.

Reed, a senior integration consultant with the Central East LHIN, is encouraging consumers, caregivers and related organizations representing a variety of demographics, geographic areas and levels of expertise to add their names to a growing list of people heeding the call of the SCFS network membership drive.

“(It) allows us an opportunity to put them into a database so that we can communicate with them,” Reed says. "We’re very excited about the interest and commitment that’s being generated to date in regards to the seniors’ issues and working towards the improvement of that system.”

Reed says once a database is compiled, the SCFS Steering Committee (chaired by geriatrician Dr. John Peto and made up of 12 other health service providers and consumer representatives) will look to its members for input.

“At least once or twice a year we might bring that network together to share information and get feedback on specific projects that the LHIN might be engaged in, to understand issues further, to share best practices or for something that the LHIN is seeking input on,” Reed says.

“We’re looking at different engagement structures for the network. Seamless Care for Seniors is the first network that’s been structured this way for the LHIN and Chronic Disease Prevention and Management will follow in this step.”

Reed says the LHIN feels this is the best way to reach out and engage the community.

“We know there are challenges along the way because we’re breaking new ground but partnerships with the community have been very successful up until this point so we expect that to continue.”

Anyone interested in joining the network can visitwww.centraleastlhin.on.cato view the terms of reference and fill out a membership form. For those without Internet access or who may have additional questions, phone 1-866-804-5446.

“If from the terms of reference they think, ‘gosh that really does interest me’ or ‘I do think I can provide some input to that group,’ then by all means we would love them to complete the membership form,” Reed says.

As far as the time commitment goes for people looking to join, Reed says it depends on the individual and how much they want to be involved.