Ontario Health East Staff Testimonial 

A Patient Experience with the COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Program


“My family and I all tested positive for COVID-19 in early May. My daughter and granddaughter both stayed asymptomatic throughout their entire quarantine, my husband experienced flu like symptoms for about 4 days and started improving, and I ended up having difficulty breathing and spent some time in the Ajax Pickering Emergency department with an eventual diagnosis of pneumonia caused by COVID-19. 

After IV antibiotics, I was sent home with a referral to the Remote Monitoring Program – or Virtual Ward – a partnership between Central East LHIN Home and Community Care and Lakeridge Health. Little did I know when I worked collaboratively on the news release with Lakeridge Health back in April that I would be experiencing this innovative approach to monitoring positive COVID-19 patients first hand. 

Just hours after my return from the hospital I was contacted by a LHIN Home and Community Care Registered Nurse and sent instructions on how to download the app on my phone. It was easy and very user friendly. I was alerted to enter my symptoms twice a day. I could send a text on the app if any of my symptoms changed, which I did when my oxygen levels got a bit low. I got an immediate response and was reassured that there was someone paying attention and could advise me on what to do should my symptoms get worse.

Thanks to our wonderful Home and Community Care Nurses who are supporting this virtual way to manage patient care. They were all knowledgeable and empathetic and concerned not only about me and my recovery, but always asked about the rest of the family when we talked. I am happy to say we have all recovered from this unpredictable, scary virus. I am pleased that this is now available in Durham and Scarborough, and I look forward to sharing the news about the spread of this innovative approach into other communities within Ontario Health East.”

- Karen O’Brien, Senior Manager, Communications, Ontario Health East