The Scarborough Hospital Consultation Round Table on Governance Launched
A new web portal, known as The Scarborough Hospital Community Consultation Round Table, was officially launched at the end of March. The round table is a web site where visitors can find out information on the consultation process at The Scarborough Hospital, review governance resource documents and share ideas for the hospital's future.

“We’ve embarked on a fairly significant process at The Scarborough Hospital,” explains Rob Devitt, Supervisor of The Scarborough Hospital.  “We’re going out and looking at board governance in the broadest possible sense – what works world-wide?  What are the best practices?”  Some of that research can be found on the web portal, and it is being added to on a regular basis. 

“We’re also looking closer to home, at what works in Scarborough,” says Devitt.  “We’re consulting with the board members from agencies and organizations in Scarborough and across the Central East LHIN to find out what works best in their organizations and this community.”

Consultation meetings will also be held with key informants – active members of the community, including local politicians and members of community associations.  Feedback is also being solicited from the public at large through the web portal.

“Board members will need the skills to govern a complex organization, but will also need to ensure that they are addressing the unique characteristics of this community,” explains Devitt.  “Finding that balance, and ensuring that the community has meaningful methods to provide feedback is critical.  We need to find structures that will facilitate an open, honest and meaningful exchange of ideas, and ultimately help us provide the best possible hospital services to this community.”

The web portal can be accessed through the hospital’s website ( or directly at  The Scarborough Hospital is currently recruiting prospective board members; the role description can also be found on the hospital’s website or the consultation portal.

The Scarborough Hospital (TSH), Canada’s largest urban community hospital, delivers innovative, high quality patient care, advocates for our community’s health and wellness issues, and is a leader in research, teaching and learning.  TSH is a regional treatment centre for dialysis and is renowned for its sexual assault care centre and mental health programs.  Affiliated with the University of Toronto, TSH is also a referral centre for vascular surgery, pacemakers and corneal implants.

For more information:

Anne Marie Males
Director, Public Affairs
The Scarborough Hospital
416-438-2911 ext.6790