Telehomecare for COPD - Patient Experience

“When I first came home from the hospital with a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) diagnosis I was in a bit of a fog. When medical professionals start talking about your heart, your lungs, and that oxygen is coming to your home and you have a handful of pills to take now it is really scary. My doctor referred me to the Central East Telehomecare Program for my COPD, and it was awesome. Telehomecare was a huge piece of mind for me and my family as well. No one wants to go to the hospital, especially during a pandemic, and no one wants to go back after just being discharged home. The Telehomecare Program made is so I could remain at home.

Talking to Ygan Hagong, my Telehomecare Clinician and registered nurse, is like having a best friend on the other end of the phone. He supports me on a one-to-one basis, monitors my vitals, and lets me know if it’s time to speak to my doctor or have a rest. The Telehomecare Program doesn’t just give piece of mind or eases the fear of not knowing what to do next, it also inspires knowledge.”

- Debbie, Central East Telehomecare Patient 

Telehomecare complements the care provided by the patient’s primary care provider and specialized care providers. With a kit that includes a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, and weight scale, patients measure their vital signs at home and answer simple daily questions via a tablet about how they are feeling. Specially trained nurses monitor the results. Weekly telephone coaching also supports patients and their caregivers to understand how factors like diet and activity affect the way they feel. To learn more about the Telehomecare Program click here.