Peterborough City and County Sub-region Planning Table 

Sub-region planning builds on the Central East LHIN’s strong foundation of local engagement and planning and will also advance the strategic aims and direct care priorities of the Central East LHIN’s Integrated Health Service Plan 4 (IHSP4) – Living Healthier at Home. To that end, the Central East LHIN has established Sub-region Planning Tables to foster joint accountability for innovative, integrated system redesign to address health and service gaps, advance quality, and improve patient experience and outcomes.

The Planning Tables:

  • build upon the strong, comprehensive foundation laid down by the Health Links Steering, Quality Improvement and Design Team tables in order to further advance the approach to Coordinated Care Plans and physician attachments; and,
  • allow the full continuum of stakeholders from diverse sectors to come together with patient and caregiver representatives to improve the health of the population within a sub-region geography. 

Peterborough City and County Sub-region Profile


To download a high resolution copy of the Peterborough City and County Sub-region Profile Placement (above) click HERE.

Peterborough City and County Sub-region Planning Table Members


Peterborough City and County Sub-region Co-Chairs:

  • Dr. Judith Armstrong, Primary Care Physician Lead, Central East LHIN
  • Jeanne Thomas, Director, System and Sub-region Planning and Integration, Central East LHIN

Peterborough City and County Sub-region Planning Table Members:

  • Jeff Westlake, Patient representative 
  • Becca Partington, Caregiver representative
  • Hajni Hos, New Immigrant representative
  • Julie Thompson, Indigenous representative 
  • Suzanne Lavoie, Francophone representative
  • Kathy Hardill, Primary Care representative 
  • Janet Burn, Home and Community Care representative
  • Dr. Warren Wilkins, Specialist representative
  • Brenda Weir, Hospital sector representative
  • Lori Richey, Community Health Centres/Family Health Teams representative
  • Lori Cooper, Community Support Services representative
  • Melinda Wall, Mental Health and Addictions representative
  • Dorothy Olver, Municipal Services representative

The Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) continues to seek a Long-term care representative from  Peterborough City and County sub-region to participate in Sub-region Planning Tables. For more information click here.