Community Health Services Integration Strategy - Peterborough City and County

Starting in August 2013, a group of Health Service Providers (HSPs) from Peterborough City and County met as part of a facilitated integration process at the direction of the Central East Local Health Integration Network.  Please review the information and links below to follow the group's progress as they first met to develop their integration plan through to current status today. 

Current Status

Transition and Implementation - updated December 15, 2014

On June 25th the Central East LHIN Board endorsed the creation of a Peterborough City and County Community Health Services (CHS) Leadership Council, a key element of the FINAL Integration Plan.  Since that time the Leadership Council has been established and, with the support of a Project Manager, is preparing a Master Transition Plan for phased implementation of all key elements. 

The Leadership Council will be providing  progress reports at the LHIN's Board meetings in March 2015 and September 2015 to ensure progress against the Peterborough Integration Plan. 

The Leadership Council will be involved in the implementation of the LHIN-wide CHS Phase 2 projects related to Intake and Referral, CSS Program Standards and IT Enabling Technologies.   For more information on these Phase 2 projects, which were presented to the Central East LHIN Board in October 2014, please click HERE.   

FINAL Integration Plan - posted May 22, 2014

The members of the Peterborough Integration Planning Team shared the FINAL Integration Plan with their respective Boards before it is brought to the Central East LHIN Board on June 25th. To access the FINAL Plan and the supporting documents, please click on the links below:

DRAFT Integrated Service Delivery Model - updated May 16, 2014

In early 2014, the Integration Planning Team developed a proposed DRAFT Integrated Service Delivery Model that confirmed that the six organizations will continue to exist and that their current services will continue to be provided to existing clients in existing communities and facilities.

In the proposed DRAFT Model, the organizations focused their attention on ways they can improve communication and education and enhance their joint planning to ensure everyone is directed to the care that is right for them. Together, the organizations want to streamline their referral and assessment processes to make it easier for people to find their way to the services they require. They also hope to find efficiencies by sharing administrative expertise.

In March and April (March 10 – April 4, 2014), people from across Peterborough City and County were invited to complete a short survey on the proposed DRAFT Integrated Service Delivery Model. The purpose of this survey was to gather people's input and advice as the Integration Planning Team prepared the FINAL Plan before it was presented to their boards in May and June and the Central East LHIN Board on June 25th.

While the opportunity to provide feedback on the DRAFT model has now ended, please take some time to review the proposed DRAFT Model and supporting documents by clicking on the appropriate links below:

Directional Statement Report - posted January 6, 2014

Governors and management representing the six organizations met for two facilitated Strategy Sessions to reinforce understanding of the Governors’ role in the facilitated integration process, develop possible options to explore, determine success criteria to guide the establishment and evaluation of integration options, and to provide direction to the IPT to inform their next steps. It was understood that recommendations from the Strategy Sessions would inform the development of a Directional Statement Report to guide the work of the IPT as they continued to participate in the facilitated CHS integration planning process.

  • To download a copy of the Directional Statement Report, please click HERE.

On December 18th, after being presented to each of the IPT boards, the Directional Statement Report was presented to the Central East LHIN Board of Directors. In acknowledging receipt of the Statement, the Central East LHIN Board further acknowledged that the Peterborough City-County Community Health Service Integration Plan would be informed by an analysis of the following five options:

  1. Advisory Committee
  2. Back Office Integration
  3. Overarching Anchor/Umbrella organization
  4. Integration Front-line Services
  5. Two or more integrated service delivery entities

The IPT used the analysis of the five options to create a DRAFT Service Delivery Model that was shared with all stakeholders for feedback in the March and April.