Community Health Services Integration Strategy - Scarborough Cluster

Starting in August 2013, a group of Health Service Providers (HSPs) from Scarborough met as part of a facilitated integration process at the direction of the Central East Local Health Integration Network.  Please review the information and links below to follow the group's progress as they first met to develop their integration plan through to current status today. 

Current Status

CHS Phase 2 Implementation - posted February 2, 2015

On October 22, 2014, LHIN staff presented information to the Central East LHIN Board of Directors on the Community Health Services Integration (CHS) Phase 2 and recommendations on how to move forward.  Recognizing that two of the elements from the Scarborough CHS Integration Plan, specifically "Defining standard Community Support Services (CSS) services through a CSS Program Standards Committee" and "Intake and Referral - Determine standard tools and processes for seamless intake and referral across programs and providers throughout the LHIN" could be implemented through a LHIN-wide approach, management recommended to the Board that the work completed through the CHS Integration Strategy - Scarborough Cluster be moved forward to a process that would begin in March 2015. 

To review a copy of the slide deck presented at the October 22nd Open Board meeting, please click HERE.

Integration Plan - posted July 23, 2014

On July 23, 2014, the members of the Scarborough CHS Integration Planning Team presented their FINAL Integration Plan to the Central East LHIN Board of Directors.  The Central East LHIN acknowledged receipt of the plan and directed staff to do a further review on the recommendations including a cost benefit analysis to support the IPT's financial requests.  

To review a copy of the plan and the accompanying slide deck presented at the July 23rd Open Board meeting, please click HERE.

Directional Plan - posted January 6, 2014

Representative Governors and management representing the five organizations met for a Strategy Session on November 2, 2013 to reinforce the understanding of the Governors’ role in the facilitated integration process, develop possible options to explore, determine success criteria to guide the establishment and evaluation of integration options, and to provide direction to the IPT to inform their next steps. It was understood that recommendations from the Strategy Session would inform the development of a Directional Plan to guide the work of the IPT as they continue to participate in the facilitated CHS integration planning process.

  • To download a copy of the Directional Plan, please click HERE.

On December 18th, after being presented to each of the IPT boards, the Directional Plan was presented to the Central East LHIN Board of Directors. In acknowledging receipt of the Plan, which was endorsed by 4 of 5 of the participating health service providers, the Central East LHIN Board further acknowledged that the Scarborough Community Health Services integration plan will be informed by an analysis of the following five options:

  1. Improved Sharing of Current and Best Practices
  2. Client service intake/referral process consolidation
  3. Client services integration
  4. Back Office integration
  5. Reducing the number of LHIN-funded organizations

The IPT used the analysis of the five options to create a DRAFT Service Delivery Model that was shared with all stakeholders for feedback.