Senior Friendly Hospitals - Improving the health and wellbeing of seniors in hospital - updated May 25, 2012

Seniors are three times more likely to be hospitalized than younger people and receive care in nearly every area of the hospital. A hospital stay can have a major influence on the health and wellbeing of seniors.  

However, evidence shows that seniors’ health declines the longer they stay in hospital as a result of complications, lack of activity and infections.  This can lead to longer hospital stays and reduce their chances of returning home and regaining their health and independence.

Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) worked with the Ontario Hospital Association and the Regional Geriatric Programs to develop a Senior Friendly Hospital strategy – an initiative to improve seniors’ health and prevent their physical and mental decline in hospital.  By acting together, hospitals can improve the experience and outcomes of older adults in Ontario hospitals. 

The Senior Friendly Hospital strategy aims to:

  • Improve the health, wellbeing and experience of seniors in Ontario hospitals, helping them get back home sooner and healthier.
  • Improve seniors’ ability to live independently and stay out of hospital.
  • Enhance the value of health care dollars.
  • Help reduce ALC through supporting people to transition to the right place of care after a hospital stay.
  • Promote quality improvement initiatives that can be included in hospital Quality Improvement Plans as part of Excellent Care for All.

As a first step, each hospital assessed their successful seniors’ initiatives, and identified opportunities for improvement and action.  All adult hospitals in Ontario completed a Senior Friendly Hospital assessment.  Summary reports for each LHIN and a summary provincial report were also developed in collaboration with the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario.

For a copy of the summary report on Senior Friendly Care in Central East LHIN hospitals, the provincial summary report and an updated FAQ on the Strategy, please click on links below:

Senior Friendly Hospital Care Across Ontario 

A Summary of Senior Friendly Care in Central East LHIN Hospitals

Senior Friendly Hospital Strategy - Frequently Asked Questions 

To access a copy of the Senior Friendly Hospital Toolkit, please click here.

In the Central East LHIN, health service providers are leading the development of a Regional Specialized Geriatrics Services (RSGS) entity.  For more information on the RSGS entity and the work it is doing on improving services for Frail Seniors, please click here.