The Central East LHIN Wound Care program advocates and leads integrated delivery of evidence-informed skin and wound care that spans the continuum of care and drives improvement in the outcomes for people with skin and wound care issues in the Central East LHIN. In collaboration with our community service provider agencies, primary care facilities and hospitals, we deliver a coordinated and consistent strategy of skin and wound care, informed by best practice. In addition, the Wound Care program facilitates stakeholder relationships and collaborative working networks to improve transition of care and patient access and experience. The Central East LHIN Wound Care Sub-Committee provides direction and oversight for implementation to the Central East LHIN Wound Care program.

Central East LHIN Wound Care Sub-Committee

The goal of the Central East LHIN Wound Care Sub-Committee is to provide direction and oversight for the implementation of standards as derived from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Health Quality Ontario. The implementation of a Wound Care work plan, and ongoing collaboration and recommendations to the Central East LHIN on system-wide planningthat integrates wound care best practice and opportunities for enhancing access is a priority. To view the Wound Care Sub-Committee Structure see HERE.

Wound Care Inter-Professional Team 

The Wound Care Inter-professional Team (WC IPT) is comprised of wound care experts from hospitals, clinics, nursing providers and the Central East LHIN. The WC IPT leverages the Swift Skin and Wound digital platform and the Patient Connect app through Swift Medical Inc. to take photos and report on wounds in order to improve wound healing and the patient care experience. The WC IPT connects the LHIN and system partners to draw upon clinical and other expertise across sectors to collaborate, strategize and provide advice and treatment options for patients experiencing complex and/or non-healing wounds through virtual and face-to-face wound care consultations. For more information click here.

Central East LHIN Wound Care Community of Practice

The Central East LHIN Wound Care Community of Practice is responsible for improving collaboration between Patients, Home and Community Care Coordinators, Home and Community Care Nursing Service Providers and Primary Care Physicians to ensure best-practice service is delivered to every patient. In addition, the Community of Practice is responsible for operationalizing Ministry wound care mandates, such as the provincial standardization of the following pathways: Assessment pathway, Diabetic Foot Ulcer pathway, Venous Leg Ulcer pathway and Surgical pathway, as well as being responsible for the oversight of all current Central East LHIN pathways:

Wound Care Pathways

  • Pressure Injury (PI)
  • Acute Wound (AW)
  • Surgical Wound (SW)
  • Vascular Ulcer (VU)
  • Complex Multiple Wound (CW)
  • Maintenance Wound (MW) 
  • Maintenance Wound Exception (MWE) 
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU)
    • Total Contact Casting (TCC) for patients accessing Clinic; or
    • Aircast Walking System (AWS) for homebound patients
    • Darco Shoe/PegAssist for patients accessing Clinic or homebound patients 


Wound Resource Hotline: 1-800-263-3877 ext. 5080

Wanda Parrott
Chair of Central East LHIN Wound Care Program 
Director, Patient Services
Telephone: 905-430-3308 ext. 5340 

Michelle Barker
Senior Manager, Patient Services 
Telephone: 9605-430-3308 ext. 5982

Alison Jamieson 
Wound Resource Care Coordinator, Patient Services 
Telephone: 905-430-3308 ext. 5594

Katie Jones
Wound Resource Care Coordinator, Patient Services 
Telephone: 905-430-3308 ext. 5415