Community Access to Palliative Care via Interprofessional Primary Care Teams Improvement Project (CAPACITI) 

The Ontario Palliative Care Network (OPCN) and its partners have developed the Palliative Care Health Services Delivery Framework (Delivery Framework) to address gaps in the availability and delivery of palliative care services across the province. The Delivery Framework presents a model of care to improve access to team-based palliative care in the community, and it outlines how best to organize and deliver palliative care across the Province.

Through the first phase of Delivery Framework implementation, OPCN is partnering with CAPACITI (Community Access to Palliative Care via Interprofessional Primary Care Teams Improvement Project), a one-year implementation/quality improvement program that offers training for primary care providers to build their capacity to deliver community-based palliative care. This program, funded through a CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) grant and led by Dr. Hsien Seow, will take place over the next three years with separate wave of teams each year. The CAPACITI curriculum is in strong alignment with the Delivery Framework recommendations and learnings from the program will enable teams to better achieve the model of care described in the Delivery Framework.  

Through CAPACITI, primary care teams will receive: 

  • tools and supports to integrate knowledge into practice;
  • staff facilitators to support team coordination and collaboration; and, 
  • expert coaching to provide customized strategies to local barriers. 

The ultimate goal of CAPACITI is to operationalize how to provide a palliative care approach within the unique context of one’s own primary care practice. As a first step, there is a need to better understand the current provincial palliative care team landscape. This is foundational for building provider and system capacity while informing future scale and spread of the model of care. For this purpose, we are requesting the completion of a Team Identification and Readiness Self-Assessment Tool. We request that all teams complete the first section, which is the Team Identification portion. Teams interested in applying to participate in CAPACITI will also complete the latter sections of the tool, which assess readiness for implementation. 

We request the tool be completed and submitted as a single Word document. The OPCN Secretariat and CAPACITI project team will host a series of webinars to support Team Identification and Readiness Self-Assessment Tool completion. Please refer to FAQ document for session details. 

Please return completed self-assessment tool Word documents to by June 15, 2019.