The Central East Telehomecare (THC) program launched on February 16, 2016. The focus of the program is to support patients with mild to moderate Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) through remote health monitoring and coaching by trained Telehomecare Clinicians. Patients are provided with easy-to-use in-home monitoring equipment and engage in six (6) months of health coaching aimed at improving self-management for chronic conditions. 

The THC program is having a positive impact on patients and their caregivers as you can see from the story below:

One of Lucy’s primary caregivers for helping her manage her chronic condition is her ex-daughter-in-law Sarah. Sarah was feeling burnt out, and trying to cope with Lucy’s needs while working full time and raising her own child. She was initially reluctant about Telehomecare, thinking that it would be a burden on her already stretched time, adding yet another responsibility.

Three weeks into the program, Sarah cannot believe the positive results. Together Lucy and Sarah are learning about Lucy’s condition and now understand her symptoms, medications and what they are for; and Lucy now knows how to speak to the doctor in an informed manner.

Lucy is more confident in how to manage symptom exacerbations, making her better able to decide when to visit the doctor. Telehomecare has decreased Sarah’s stress and she is now less overwhelmed by the Lucy’s needs saying “I am a better caregiver”.

For more information on the Telehomecare program including how to refer, please visit the Central East Community Care Access Centre website and click on "Getting Care - Care at Home - Telehomecare."

The Telehomecare Program is funded by the Central East LHIN and Ontario Telemedicine Network. As an integral part of Ontario’s Chronic Disease Management Framework, Telehomecare aligns with and supports other provincial health strategies including Health Links